Karyn Adams’ friends would describe her as loud, wild and confident, which are coincidentally also the qualities necessary for a good DJ.

“My emcee style is all about letting the music do the talking,” she said. “I am a gentle guide for the night. I play host and announcer and lover of parties. But the music is doing all the hard work. I like to keep it smooth and flowing.”

Adams matches the energy of the night – from wild dancing and sing-along songs to slow and meaningful first dances.

“I like the music to match the ebb and flow,” she said. “I like a smooth transition and for those to continue all night long – not only between songs but between moods as well. An effortless roll into a slow song and an energetic emergence back into dancing. I believe that people only wanna have fun. I feel the same way so let’s party together!”

Sound Precision Entertainment has received stellar feedback on Adams, with many clients saying she is fun and has a lot of energy.

“I try to engage the audience as much as possible,” she said. “I want everyone to have a great time so I show that I’m having one too, and it’s an open invitation to join in.”

As Adams has grown in her DJ abilities, she has become more confident in her mixes.
“I went from playing it safe with popular music to choosing music that I think will surprise and delight,” she said. “I want to create the perfect atmosphere for a party – even for the slow and romantic parts. I am here to help in any way I can and make it the best night ever.”
Adams said she is heavily influenced by musical theatre, so some of her biggest influences are Broadway shows. Her favorite performer is Julie Andrews, who instilled in her a love of performance, art, singing and music.

But that’s not to say Adams doesn’t enjoy and appreciate other genres. In fact, the one song she can always be trusted to play at a wedding is “Fireball” by Pitbull, and she would love to DJ with Kesha.
“She puts on a wicked performance, and I’d love to feel that kind of energy up close!” she said.

Top Bands I’m Listening to Right Now:

  1. Lauv
  2. Demi Lovato
  3. DNCE
  4. Khalid
  5. Superfruit
  6. The 1975

Top Songs I’m Listening to Right Now: 

  1. “Bad 4 Us” – Superfruit
  2. “Strut” – Lenny Kravitz
  3. “Déjà vu” – Giorgio Moroder and Sia

Check out Karyn’s video below to find out more about him!

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