We’ve all been there. You’ve made it through the introductions, toasts, dinner and requisite formal dances. You’ve sat long enough: It’s time to dance. But the party never gets started. The music is uninteresting, outdated or poor quality. The DJ is boring, unresponsive or even overbearing. Your wedding entertainer can make or break your reception. Ensure you, and your guests, boogie all night long with the following tips:

  1. Review previous weddings you’ve attended. What did you like or not like about the entertainment? What receptions stick out in your mind, and why? Bring your requests, including your must-haves and absolute-nos, to your potential entertainer’s attention to ensure he or she can accommodate them.
  2. Consider your guest list. You want to be confident your entertainer will perform what you want and exclude what you don’t. Make sure to include the classics, which your older guests will expect, as well as some current music for the younger crowd.
  3. Embrace your theme. A small, intimate black-tie affair might benefit from a pianist or harpist, especially during cocktail hour. A rustic barn wedding, however, might lend itself to country tunes blaring all night long. Your entertainment should fit your personality.
  4. Examine your venue. Determine what size entertainment can fit in the space and where it will be set up. Check to see if your venue has a noise limit or curfew (some do!). Also ensure your entertainer will have access to plenty of power outlets.
  5. Read the reviews. Search possible entertainers online and read what others have to say. While one bad review probably doesn’t mean much, take note of multiple complaints on the same issue. WeddingWire.com is a trusted online marketplace that features truthful reviews and ratings.

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