When deciding on the entertainment for your reception, it always comes down to the age-old dilemma: DJ vs. band?

Answer these five questions to determine which is best for your big day.

What is your budget? Generally, bands cost more than DJ services. Band prices usually depend on the amount of musicians so a 12-piece band is more expensive than a four-piece band.

  1. What type(s) of music do you want? Some bands only specialize in one style of music (country, for example) and have a hard time bridging the gap into other genres. If you go with a band, ask if it has have a specialty and request to hear a variety of songs. In addition, DJs usually have a wider selection of music so if you want everything from Motown to the latest rap single, a DJ is going to be the better bet.
  2. Do you want extras such as lighting, photography or videography? Cleveland wedding DJs like Sound Precision Entertainment offer access to these vendors either in-house or through association. Bands normally focus on just their performance.
  3. Do you want an emcee? Most wedding DJs are also trained to emcee the evening, including introducing the toasts, bridal party entrance and specific dances and generally getting the crowd onto the dance floor. Bands usually don’t have an emcee.
  4. Why not both? Some weddings have both a DJ and a band to get the best of both worlds. Check with both vendors to ensure they are comfortable with the arrangement.

To learn more about the benefits of booking a DJ for your wedding, contact Sound Precision Entertainment at (216) 870-4513.

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