Your itinerary is one of the most important items of your wedding day, ensuring everything goes according to plan. Most DJs and emcees provide a sample itinerary that serves as an outline during the planning process. While the order of events may vary depending on the DJ and your personal preferences, we’ve put together a general guide to creating your perfect itinerary, whether you’re using a ¬†template or designing your own:

Item 1 – Cocktail hour: If you’re hosting a cocktail hour to begin the reception, include its duration. This should be from when the guests can start to arrive until when you want to begin the entrances. Many couples choose to have light music during this time, such as jazz, oldies and instrumental. Keep it soft and casual: It’s not time to start the party yet!

Item 2 – Bridal party entrance: The order is typically

  • Parents of the groom
  • Parents of the bride
  • Bridesmaids escorted by groomsmen
  • Maid of honor escorted by best man
  • Bride and groom

Most DJ companies, including Sound Precision Entertainment, ensure your party is lined up and ready to go in the order you specify (check with yours to ensure it provides this service.) Inform your DJ of name pronunciations and write them out phonetically to ensure the announcements go smoothly.

Many couples choose to have an entrance song for each couple. Choose a song that has a special meaning for you and an individual, ask each couple for a recommendation or speak to your DJ about popular entrance songs.

Item 3 – Cutting the cake: This should take about 5 minutes. Your DJ should announce when it is time so guests can gather to watch.

Item 4 – Toasts: Your DJ should introduce any toasts (this usually includes the father of the bride, maid of honor and best man) and a prayer, if desired (usually read by a clergyman or family member).

Item 5 – Dinner: Include how long you expect the meal to take and music selections. This is often similar in style to cocktail hour and serves as background music.

Item 6 – First dances: The order is typically

  • Bride and groom
  • Father and daughter
  • Mother and son

As with the entrance songs, these dances often feature a song that has special meaning to the pair. Ask your DJ for suggestions.

Item 7 – Dancing: Create a list of songs that are must-haves and must-nots.

Item 8 – Bouquet toss, garter removal and garter toss: While these are not always included, they are a fun part of the reception. Ask your DJ for song recommendations.

Item 9 – ¬†Anniversary dance, dollar dance or any other dances or announcements you’d like: This includes announcements about dessert, coffee, snack bars, etc.

Item 10 – Second-last song: With the evening winding down, your DJ should announce this song, often a slow one, to let guests know the reception is ending.

Item 11 – Last song: Also typically a slow song to cap the night.

Download sample itineraries here. To discuss your itinerary and music suggestions, contact Sound Precision Entertainment at (216) 870-4513 or

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