Rorke Hardy is a busy man.


The Bay Village native is a Sound Precision Entertainment DJ, runner, fitness enthusiast, bibliophile, writer and foodie. He also works in sales at Hyland Software and received his bachelor’s degree in English Literature at Ohio University.

When he’s wearing his DJ hat, Hardy, who now lives in Cleveland’s Flats, loves to get everyone onto the dance floor.

I love Frank Sinatra and other oldies, and I love to get the grandparents involved,” he said. “Talking to the older people to find out their favorite song from their youth always gets them involved. Something about engaging with that nostalgia makes them come alive, and everyone can get into that.”

Hardy came into the DJ business naturally and has always liked entertaining.

“I’ve always enjoyed being the DJ at parties, sometimes even at the expense of my fun at the party,” he said. “Music is really important to me, and striking that perfect balance between the beat and mood of the party is always a fun challenge.”

He loves being a part of weddings and has some advice for newlyweds.

“Enjoy the little moments, and don’t try to make everything perfect,” Hardy said. “Give yourself the space to enjoy your wedding.”

When he’s not DJing,  Hardy enjoys running. He has competed in a half-marathon and will be doing at least one more this year.

“I love working out, and running is a really good form of meditation and clearing your head,” he said. “Any problems or stresses you’ve had in the day, you can leave them all on the road. Once I’ve put myself through that physical exertion, the mental stresses don’t seem nearly as bad.”

He also enjoys discovering and eating spicy foods.

“I love spicy food because of the variety of flavors that accompany it,” Hardy said. “From the pure hot taste of a really good buffalo wing to the more complex flavors of some spicy curries or Thai dishes, it just adds another layer to a culinary experience.” 


Q&A With Rorke Hardy

What is your favorite song to play at an event?

“P.Y.T.” by Michael Jackson

How do you pump up the crowd?

I like to try to initiate a dance-off! I try to get everyone dancing in step by starting with something like the Electric Slide and then moving into a high-energy track, maybe something by Missy Elliot. At weddings, there is almost always one person willing to play along and start the dance-off, and from there, it’s just engaging in the competitive spirit of the dancers! I still have yet to see someone pull off a successful head spin, but I am awaiting that day! 

What’s your favorite book?

My favorite book is a Spanish novel called “The Shadow of the Wind.” It is a beautiful story that takes place in post-Civil War Spain about a young boy whose favorite childhood novel ends up having some dark and mysterious connections with various figures of Barcelona. It’s an amazingly written novel about love and loss and growing up, which are things I believe everyone can relate to. 

Who or what inspires you?

My father and LeBron James inspire me to work harder, continually push myself and NEVER settle.

What is your favorite place to go in Cleveland?

It’s a toss-up between Edgewater Park in the summer and the Rocky River Metroparks in the fall.

What is your favorite superhero?

I’m team Steve Rogers. Not an Iron Man guy.

What is your favorite sports team and player?

The Cleveland Cavaliers! J.R. is going 7/8 in 3 point FG in Game 1 against the Warriors.

What is your most embarrassing moment? 

Spilling water on my lap before a sales presentation. As my mentor said, just roll with it! 

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