Kelly Moore is not only an organizational guru.

She’s also evidence of Sound Precision Entertainment’s continued growth and success in the wedding industry. 

The company now has so much business activity that it needed to bring in Moore as an executive assistant. She started in September and now assists SPE by working with clients, scheduling photographers and contacting potential leads. If you reach out to SPE, chances are you’ll speak to her (Tip: She’s married, so feel free to bounce your ideas off of her! She’s been through the process and can provide sage insight. For example, she recommends that in lieu of favors, you make a donation to your favorite charity!)

Moore said she loves the laid-back atmosphere at SPE, although as the only female in the office, she often needs to keep the boys in line!

“I have a fresh, female outlook on all things bride,” Moore said. “I look at things very differently than the boys do, which helps because we cater to women mostly! I also am extremely organized and like to get things done quickly so I tend to keep the ball rolling on projects and things that need to be done around the office.” 

The Wooster native came to the Cleveland area following her marriage to her husband, Ian, a Bay Village police officer. The couple, who live in Avon Lake, married Sept. 12, 2015, and, of course, SPE DJed! 

As a fairly recent bride, Moore has some advice for couples.

“Wedding planning can be very stressful and frustrating,” she said. “I find that people tend to give their opinions and tell the couple how they should do things. My advice would be to focus on why you are getting married and what you want as a couple for the special day! Things may get hairy for a while, but just focus on each other and try to have fun! The planning process goes by quickly.”

Moore and her husband met as children vacationing with their families in Catawba. They enjoy traveling and trying new bourbons! 

Moore attended the University of Akron, where she received her bachelor’s degree in arts and science. She also has her social work license and works as a waitress, where she enjoys the fast- paced environment and customer interaction. 

When she’s not working, Moore likes to relax (naps!) or visit her family back home. She also enjoys visiting new places in The Land.

“Since living here, I have fallen in love with Cleveland,” she said. “Some of my favorite places to go to are Lizardville in Lakewood and SOHO Chicken and Whiskey in Ohio City. I love to eat new foods and sip good drinks! I also love being at the zoo and the Cleveland Cultural Gardens.”

Q&A With Kelly Moore

What are your hobbies?

Painting.  I also love to read and am currently working on a reading challenge for the year. I am very interested in genealogy. When I have time, I love to work on my family tree on Ancestry! 

Who or what inspires you?

New places inspire me. I love learning about new cultures and seeing new places. I feel that getting out of your comfort zone and throwing yourself into unfamiliar places and situations helps shape you as a person and gives you a new outlook on life. I consider traveling to be a mental reboot for myself. I am always looking for ways to better myself and become more aware of the world around me, and there is no better way to do that than to hop on a plane and go somewhere new. I have seen so many amazing things, made amazing memories and met such great people. 

What is your favorite vacation spot?

The beach. Specifically, Hilton Head Island. I have been going to Hilton Head Island with my family since we I was very little. 

What is your favorite season?

My favorite seasons are spring and fall. In spring, I love that the Ohio winter is finally over (I HATE winter). I love the smell of the fresh spring air and hyacinth flowers. I love being on the lookout for buds on the trees! What is there not to love about fall? Again, I love the smell of the crisp air and wet leaves. I love everything that most girls love about fall. Pumpkin spice everything, flannels and boots! 

What is your favorite color?

Navy blue

What is your zodiac sign?

I am a very proud Leo and live up to every aspect of being a Leo: Stubborn, big temper and adventurous!       

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