Wedding Packages

The Kit

( Save $150 )
  • Music & Dance Lighting

  • Accent Wall Lighting

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The Kaboodle

( Save $300 )
  • Music & Dance Lighting

  • Accent Wall Lighting

  • Custom Monogram

  • Full Venue Lighting

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A premium sound system is used for each event that can accommodate venues of all sizes.  SPE prides itself in delivering the right volume to ensure each guest can hear the vows, toasts and special announcements throughout the evening as well as queuing up the music for the grand entrance of the bride and groom to the songs that keeps the guests on the dance floor.


SPE provides a professional disc-jockey/emcee who has experience in making announcements and hosting weddings to keep the night on schedule.  At least one week prior to your wedding day, your emcee will work directly with you to coordinate the itinerary, so the flow of the evening and timeline will run smoothly as planned.


Take your venue and space from ordinary to extraordinary with uplights.  Uplighting creates an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere that will deliver that desired “wow factor” as your guests arrive.  The color of lights can be customized to match your wedding colors and SPE has the ability to create different looks throughout the evening.

Custom Gobo / Monogram

Make a statement by highlighting the unity of love and your commitment to your spouse in lights.  Showcase your style by customizing a gobo or using a monogram for your special day.  What’s more, the gobo and/or monogram looks great in pictures and certainly is noticed by all guests.

Dance Lighting

Create a fun and energetic environment with dance lighting.  Its standard in every package, but it’s essential to encourage guests to head to the dance floor and join in the fun with the newlywed’s and bridal party.

Monocle "Photo Booth"

Couples love photo booths but seem to dislike the aesthetics, functionality and limited space it provides guests to take pictures.  SPE solved these issues by creating an interactive “photo booth” called Monocle.  Monocle delivers a “red carpet” look to your event by giving you the ability to create a customized backdrop.  Monocle is accessible for family, friends and guests of all ages.


Have you ever thought about telling someone how you feel but struggle to find the right words or fear your emotions might get in the way?  A voiceover is a solution SPE has been offering for brides and grooms to do just this.  A voiceover is a special message that includes your voice to a loved one that is played during the first dance, Father/Daughter dance or Mother/Son dance.  You can hear an example here.

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