Join Sound Precision Entertainment (and our boutique partners Capture Cleveland Photography, Red Frame Videography and Monocle Photo Booth) at the upcoming Today’s Bride show where you can interact with more than 100 Northeast Ohio wedding vendors to find exactly what you need for your big day. The event takes place Saturday, June 9, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the I-X Center in Cleveland.  Be sure to stop by our new and improved booth to say hi!

We know a bridal show can be overwhelming, so take advantage of our years of experience with this list of dos and don’ts, which will ensure you have the best experience possible!


DO  buy your tickets ahead of time.


First, visit Sound Precision Entertainment at our Brooklyn Heights office to receive free (yes, free!) tickets. If you can’t make it down, buy your tickets online – you save $3 on a single ticket and can buy a four-pack for $40. Parking is $10, so make sure you have cash on hand.


DON’T   expect to find everything you need.


Yes, the Today’s Bride show has more than 100 vendors, as well as many exhibits and activities. However, you most likely won’t be able to make all of your wedding decisions at one show. Bridal shows are a great place to get ideas and inspiration, and you may even book a vendor or two, but you won’t walk out with a fully planned wedding.


DO  conduct some research before you go.


If you already have some vendors in mind, check the exhibitor list to see if they’ll be there. Write down a list of vendors you want to see, and map out your route (if you can). Cross each vendor off as you visit their booth to ensure you hit everyone. Also, make sure to bring labels with your name, phone number, email address and physical address so you don’t waste time writing it out at each vendor! Set up an email address exclusively for wedding-related correspondence so that you can keep all of this information together (and declutter your regular inbox!).You should also know some basics of your wedding day, such as approximate guest count and budget, so you can have a better idea of what you need and can afford.


DON’T   bring an entourage.


Bridal shows are crowded, so the less people you have with you, the better. Also, if you have too many people in your group, you’re sure to get overwhelmed when they’re each pulling you in a different direction. Instead, bring only one or two close friends or family members you can count on, such as your mom and maid of honor.


DO    participate in activities and giveaways.


Bridal shows are meant to be fun! Many vendors will have drawings and games where you can win prizes and discounts. It’s a great idea to sign up for or participate in these things, even if it takes a few extra minutes (see DO No. 3 about bringing labels!). Don’t forget to check out the fashion shows (they give you some time off your feet to regroup) and freebies (photos and hair trials, anyone?).


DON’T   bring too much with you.


All brides receive a free tote bag, so you don’t need to bring your own. Use your bag to store brochures and marketing materials you pick up along the way, but don’t take what you don’t want – it will make it more difficult to organize later. And while you can bring a color swatch or piece of jewelry for matching and inspiration, try not to lug too much – you most likely won’t use it and your shoulders will thank you!


DO   be assertive.


If you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask! This is the time to interact with vendors and wedding professionals so that you can plan out your day. You may need to wait to speak to a representative during the busy times, but it will be worth it if you come away with that missing piece you’ve been looking for to complete your big day!

Just in time for the Today’s Bridal Show, SPE is offering a fantastic bundle deal. Save up to $1,200 with four brands: Sound Precision Entertainment; Capture Cleveland Photography, LLC; Red Frame Videography; and Monocle Photo Booth. For more information, contact SPE at (216) 870-4513 or

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