Weddings are expensive. We get it. So you may be tempted to scrimp a little on some of the details. Maybe your cousin offered to bring his mP3 player and home speakers to play the music. It’s a seemingly good idea that will save you time and money, right? Not necessarily.

Wedding DJs are talented professionals who are trained to not only play music but also make sure your reception runs smoothly.

Here are the top five reasons you should hire a professional wedding DJ:

1. DJs also serve as emcees.

Your DJ will also serve as the master of ceremonies for the night, introducing you and your bridal party, making food and drink announcements and organizing the formal dances. As the emcee, he or she will also help you develop an itinerary to ensure the night stays on time and on task. Professional DJs normally have relationships with vendors such as the venue and caterer and work behind the scenes to coordinate each moment.

2. DJs bring back up equipment.

If your iPod malfunctions or the cord breaks, your whole reception may be ruined. However, professional wedding DJs plan for these mishaps. They have backup equipment and plans to ensure the party doesn’t stop.

3. DJs have high-end equipment.

The equipment and speakers that DJs use are calibrated to ensure you receive the best sound. Your guests will be able to hear the music and announcements all night. Your DJ also arrives at the venue early to ensure he or she sets up the equipment to maximize the space and acoustics.

4. DJs have proper song licensing.

You could get in trouble if you play music at an event without purchasing the corresponding licenses. professional DJ will have these licenses and be able to provide them if asked. They also know which songs to play to get the crowd out on the dance floor while ensuring you hear your favorites.

5. DJs do the work so you don’t have to.

Nothing is worse than spending your wedding day dealing with technical problems or dictating the songs you want to hear. When you hire a wedding DJ, you know they will be there to handle the entertainment, unlike a friend or relative who could possibly flake at the last minute.

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