The Saffell couple had an amazing wedding day on October 7, 2017! A day filled with laughs, happy tears, and many people who were ready to dance! After the couple had their kiss and said their vows, it was time to party! Sound Precision Entertainment would like to wish the couple a very happy One-Week Anniversary! As a “Cinderella” themed wedding, the night truly was magical!

The reception was held at the vintage but beautiful Ariel International Center, where the party lasted all night long to celebrate the newlyweds! The dance floor was truly never empty, as many guests were up dancing to celebrate the marriage of the Saffell’s. Of course, the night was nothing short of magical for the newlyweds, and us here at SPE wish nothing but the best for the new couple!

We thank the couple and guests for showing hospitality to us throughout the night and hope the happy couple lives many years of joy together.

If you have any questions on the services provided or any other details please contact or call him at 216-870-4513.

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