We would like to wish Mr. and Mrs. Walker a very happy one-week anniversary! The two newlyweds officially tied the knot on July 15, 2017!

What a day is was for the new couple as they celebrated their wedding! Thanks to DeLuca’s Place in the Park (and some perfect weather), the reception was nothing short of a visual wonder! Sound Precision Entertainment helped accommodate this beautiful setting by setting up our one of a kind DJ Booth. After all was finished and the sun began to set, the fun was about to get started!

SPE got everyone up and moving, as the night continued to get better and better as time flew by! However, like all good things they night had to come to an end.

While the night went quickly, one thing remains true…it was nothing but a special day for the Bride and Groom! All of us here at SPE wish the absolute best for them, and for all that is in store as they start their lives together!

If you have any questions on the services provided, or any other details please contact Scott@spedj.com or call him at 216-870-4513.

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