While Aaron Terkel may be a new addition to Sound Precision Entertainment, he is no stranger to DJing. He started after he graduated Ithaca College in central New York state.

I learned the art from a master who put himself through Cornell in the ’80s playing fraternity parties,” Terkel said. “He used to have a guy working for him who would drive the newest, hottest vinyl record from party to party throughout the night to make sure it got played! Today, DJ Bob still plays more than 100 gigs a year. Under his tutelage as a young 20-something, I put about 40 weddings under my belt, and I did it all with about 120 lbs. of CDs and a 1980’s Dodge Ram van.”

The Cleveland native grew up on the east side of Cleveland but now resides in the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood and enjoys visiting the nearby Tremont area. In fact, when he’s not DJing, he works at an independent bookstore and cafe in Tremont.

One of the biggest things that Terkel enjoys about DJing is that every event is different – each with its own flavor and style.

“I really don’t approach the job as an entertainer as much as a party facilitator,” he explained. “It’s the job of the DJ to set the mood, making sure the vibe is right to help the party along. Your party guests are already ready to cut loose; they just need a little catalyst. That’s where I come in. And because I’m a bit of a technology and architecture nerd, lighting and playing music in some of the coolest venues around Cleveland is also pretty cool!”

Terkel’s favorite tunes to play include Motown & Stax recordings (such as Otis Redding, The Spinners, the Jacksons and Stevie Wonder) and ’90s and 2000s hip-hop and R&B (such as Mystikal, Ludacris, Aaliyah and Missy Elliot). He’s also been known to hit the dance floor himself.

“Sometimes you have to show people that the dance floor doesn’t bite!” he said.
When Terkel isn’t busting a move, he’s working on his own music: He plays organ in a few different bands and has a small collection of vintage electric pianos, organs, synthesizers and old radios (which have taken over his living room). Terkel said he is fortunate to be close with many artists and musicians.

“The people around me constantly inspire me,” Terkel said. “I’m always impressed at what my peers are up to. It pushes me to put the best version of myself out there.”

Q&A With Aaron Terkel

What wedding advice would you give to a couple?

It’s a classic line: Don’t go to bed angry. Some things really aren’t worth fighting over.

What is your favorite food?

Nothing compares to a perfectly constructed sandwich or a proper Seti’s polish boy.

Do you have any pets?

I have two turtles. Dot and Doris are both red-eared sliders.

What is your favorite season?

Baseball season

What are your favorite sports teams?

The Indians and the Cavs

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