A new addition to the Red Frame Videography team, Joseph Garman became interested in videography in high school. As a senior, he created a class video, which recapped the year and was played at graduation. He’s been hooked ever since.

Now that Garman has transitioned to filming weddings, he says he loves creating videos that will be watched time and time again.

“The high school senior highlight video I made left an impression and captured our high school experience,” he said. “I hear people say how they still enjoy that video, and I apply that same idea to weddings. I put a lot of effort into make it special where people can enjoy it for a lifetime.”

A Springfield, Ohio, native, Garman now lives in Cleveland and shoots weddings with a Canon C100. He edits in Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects.

Garman advises couples to team up with a videographer they feel comfortable with and trust.

“Your wedding is an intense day; your head will be all over the place,” Garman said. “Hire a videographer who will capture every little detail you handpicked for your wedding so you can enjoy it afterward. Plus, have someone that won’t just record your day but frame it in the most cinematic way possible. It’s once-in-a-lifetime day, so it is shot the same way.”

When he’s not busy working with Sound Precision Entertainment, Garman works as a multimedia marketing producer at WKYC Channel 3. He graduated from Ohio University with a major in communications.

You can also find him in the kitchen, learning Italian recipes from his mother (even though his favorite food to cook is tacos!).

“I’m a decent cook but striving to become a better one,” Garman said. “My mom is a little Italian woman, and she makes the best food. My goal is to be as good of a cook as her someday.”

Q&A with Joe Garman

What do you like to do in your free time?

I can be summed up entirely with three words: Coffee. Comics. Video.

What kind of comics do you like?

I love all kinds of comics. A lot of people don’t realize comics come in all genres and are not all about superheroes. Action, mystery, horror, drama, romance, etc. I can guarantee you that anyone could find a comic that fits their style. Think of comics this way: Your favorite movie with an unlimited budget.

Who or what inspires you?

My loved ones. My mom, dad and brother are my heroes, and I live every day to the fullest in hopes to make them proud.

What is your favorite holiday?

Halloween! I love the fall, the creativity behind customs, horror movies and just having fun with family and friends.

What is your favorite dessert?

Tiramisu with coffee!

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