Any pet owner will tell you that their furry companions become members of their family. And pets are increasingly welcome in many public settings, including restaurants, bars and even sports games. So it’s only natural to want your beloved animal to help you celebrate your big day! But is it practical? Here are a few things to consider if you want to include your pet in your wedding:

1. Not all venues are pet-friendly.

If you want your pet to be in your wedding, it is a good idea to ask the venue about its policy before the wedding. You might think it best to sneak your pet in and hope no one says anything, but if your contract states that animals are not allowed, you might be asked to take Fido home.

2. Your pet may not enjoy the spotlight.

Even the most social animal may freeze up in front of a crowd. While your pet may be well-behaved most of the time, you can’t always predict what it may do. Bear in mind that your plans may not go perfectly! Your pet may refuse to go down the aisle, take a nap or relieve itself when you least expect it! Also remember that if you have food or drink around, your pet may get distracted.

3. You will need a pet sitter.

You don’t want to spend your wedding day taking care of your pet, so it’s a good idea to choose an honored guest to be your pet sitter. This person should be in charge of picking up/dropping off your pet before and after the ceremony/reception, making sure it has food and drink, taking it to the bathroom, bringing it in and out of pictures and possibly walking it down the aisle. This person might also be your sitter for the wedding night or honeymoon!

4. Some guests may be allergic or phobic.

It is a good idea to mention that your pet will be in your wedding in the invitation. This way, if any guests are allergic to or phobic of pets, they can make alternate arrangements.

Still unsure whether to include your pet in your wedding? Instead of having your pet physically present, try these fun ideas:

– Include your pet in your save the date or engagement pictures

– Send thank-you notes from the three of you

– Find a wedding cake topper that includes your pet

– Display a photo of your pet at the reception

– Give dog or cat treats as favors

– Wear a piece of jewelry honoring your pet

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