There are a ton of “good luck” and “bad luck” traditions associated with weddings.

If you’re looking for something unique to add to your wedding, either to symbolize your culture or personalize your union, consider selecting one of these symbols or customs – or try putting a new spin on an old favorite to make it truly yours! (And don’t forget to read the first installment!)


  • In the Congo, the couple is not allowed to smile during the ceremony or for pictures because weddings are considered a serious affair, according to the Huffington Post.


  • In China’s Yugur culture, grooms shoot their bride with an arrow (minus the head!) three times, according to HELLO!magazine. He then breaks the arrows to ensure the couple stays together for ever.


  • Insider reports that in Cuba, men who dance with the bride must pin money to her dress. This is the help the couple pay for their honeymoon.


  • According to German tradition, a newlywed couple must saw a log in half in front of their guests. This shows the couple can work together to overcome obstacles in their marriage, according to BuzzFeed.


  • In Greece, the best man, or “koumparos,” shaves the groom’s face on his wedding day, according to After the shave, his new mother-in-law feeds him honey and almonds.


  • In Ireland, the couples’ wedding bands are passed through the crowd during the ceremony to “warm” them, according to WeddingWire. Each person holds the rings and says a short prayer. Then the couple receives the rings, along with the blessings and well wishes.

Native American:

  • In Cherokee tradition, the bride and groom are wrapped individually in blue blakets before the officiant blesses the union, according to Martha Stewart Weddings. They are then covered in a single white blanket. The blue represents each person’s respective past lives while the white symbolizes the couple’s dedication to a peaceful union.


  • Business Insider reports that in Norway, guests don’t enjoy a traditional wedding cake. Instead, they eat kransekake, which is bead topped with a mixture of cheese, cream and syrup. The dessert is then folded over and cut into small squares. Still sounds delicious!

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